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Low Back Pain

Most people have suffered some degree of low back pain in their life by the time they are old enough to start working.  This pain would normally restrict movement in the lumbar region. 

Headaches and Migraines

In my experience the vast majority ( 80%+) of people suffering from a long history of recurrent headaches can be helped by getting their necks assessed by an appropriately trained physiotherapist.


This annoying problem causes pain in the legs that can range from being annoying to downright debilitating.  If you are suffering from low back pain as well then that just adds insult to injury. 

Why do we hurt?

As a physio I have seen many people in pain. Most of the people I see if not all of them come to seek help because of their pain. I am surrounded by pain all day long. This got me thinking of why do we have pain? What is its purpose? What causes pain?