Sports Physiotherapy Cranbourne North

Have you injured yourself at sport? The common conditions we see are:
  • Muscle tears: Hamstrings, Quads, Groin, Calf
  • Dislocations of shoulders, fingers or knees
  • Rolled ankles with any jumping sports
  • Back strain with cricket and golf
  • Shoulder pain with throwers, swimmers and MMA
  • Tennis elbow for racquet sports
  • Corked thighs in football and other contact sports

Here at Advance Physio Clinic in Cranbourne North, we are the best at getting you back to your sport sooner and safer.  You will be assessed and given the most appropriate treatment for your injury.  The Physiotherapists at Advance Physio Clinic are all sports enthusiasts themselves and know the art of functional rehabilitation.

You will be guided through your stages of recovery from the acute stage to the subacute and finally to the functional rehabilitation which will have you performing better than before your injury.

This is possible because now you have the knowledge of why you got injured in the first place.  You will be given the training to overcome previous unknown factors that were secretly limiting your performance.  We at Advance Physio Clinic pride ourselves on being able to help our patients reach their peak performance in their chosen sport.