Most people have suffered some degree of low back pain in their life by the time they are old enough to start working.  This pain would normally restrict movement in the lumbar region.  The lumbar spine has the most movement into flexion (bending forwards) and extension (bending backwards).  It also is able to rotate (turn from side to side) to a small degree.  Some or all these movements may be restricted.  The pain is caused by the brain protecting whatever structure is injured.  This could be nerves, ligaments, muscles or joints.

At Advance Physio Clinic we will assess all these structures to determine which one is at fault.  There is a certain sequence or priority that we rank the structures of the body.  The nerves are the most sensitive and therefore the most protected, followed by the muscles which actively protect the nerves, joints and ligaments by guarding against further injury.  Lastly, the passive structures, which are the ligaments and joints.  Knowing this we make sure the nerves are not irritated by making sure they are able to move without provocation.  The lumbar range of movement is then tested and treated to regain a significant improvement by treating the structure that is being protected by the brain.

Maybe in the future, we will be able to download this information straight out of our brains without having to do so much testing.  For now, we are doing the best with the current technology available.