In my experience, the vast majority ( 80%+) of people suffering from a long history of recurrent headaches can be helped by getting their necks assessed by an appropriately trained physiotherapist.  Being a headache and migraine sufferer myself I am a walking testimony of what can be achieved with the right intervention.  Hence I am confident in my ability to help all those people suffering headaches for no good reason.

From my understanding, a headache and a migraine is one and the same thing but with a varying intensity of symptoms.  What this means is a headache will hurt in the same areas as a migraine, but the migraine will be much more intense in pain and have more neurological symptoms i.e., nausea, dizziness, auras, flashing lights, sensitivity to sound, lights and movement, etc.

If we look at it on a linear scale it could be represented like this:

0—————— 5 —————– 10

No Pain           Headache          Migraine

Headaches come from the nerves that supply the head.  These nerves are carrying the output signal of pain from the brain.  Unless you have bumped your head there is no reason for the head to hurt.

However, when the neck is stiff or the muscles are guarded in spasm.  The brain can refer the pain into the head to stop you from moving your head and neck and further irritating the neck.  It does this because something in your lifestyle is damaging your neck.

At Advance Physio Clinic we will discover where your headache is coming from and help alleviate the pain.  When we find the source relief is gained within 5 mins.  Much faster than Panadol or Nurofen and the result is longer lasting than using drugs as we are treating the cause and not the symptoms.  The techniques used are slow and gentle there is no cracking of the neck involved.